Cobalt Cranes

   Cobalt Cranes blend elements of desert, psychedelic and shoegaze sounds, taking a modern approach to classic California rock. Like many great rock bands before them, Cobalt Cranes have found California to be a big inspiration
to their sound.
   Hailing from Los Angeles, Cobalt Cranes began when Tim Foley and Kate Betuel bonded over 60's garage punk, 90's shoegaze, and psych rock. The duo began making demos in Tim's apartment, and recorded an Ep titled 'in Media Rez'. The resulting sound was a dynamic mix of primitive, raw garage rock and heart-on-sleeve, lush slow burners. In early 2009 they assembled a live band, began playing locally and embarked on  several Southwest and Pacific Northwest tours.
    In 2010 they released a single with Atlanta based Zap! cassettes as well as a  7" with French label Frantic City. They continued to tour and play locally in 2011, and released a single on the London based label Tuck shop v. Leg Guitar as well as a single on their own Anticc Records.
   This past year Kate and Tim have been writing and recording their debut album, 'Head in the Clouds' while continuing to play local shows. The record is heavily influenced by hard rock album narratives of the early 1970's, versatile shoegaze rock of the early 90's, as well as modern sounds. They also explored and expanded upon what is considered the 'California sound'.
   Cobalt Cranes want to assure you that this is not a retro act, in fact far from it. From the vantage point of the modern era, Cobalt Cranes have compiled their influences into a unique recipe. The result is a sound all their own. Cobalt Cranes have elaborated upon what they consider Rock 'n' Roll.
   Cobalt Cranes released their debut album 'Head in the Clouds' in early 2013, and embarked on national tour.


"A fierce grunge slice of garage-punk. My ear buds are smitten" -BUZZBANDS LA

"Of the new local bands, Cobalt Cranes are one of the few fit to be Sherpas for the rock 'n' Roll world." -LA RECORD

"We play 'Picture In The Snow' over and over, reveling in it's distorted fuzz heartbeat and picturing ourselves sauntering the streets of LA."-THE FADER

"Grooves right into a garage shoegazer vibe with out the art school trappings" -MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL

"Cobalt Cranes have stepped out of the garage and into a world that's as sweeping and sprawling as LA itself. They are operating with an acute awareness of what goes into a great song" -LA WEEKLY

"Kate Betuel and Tim Foley trade vocal duties, though never does this sound like one of those guy-girl clichés, as they pound on the lo-fi rock. Fuzzy LA post punk. " -PITTSBURGH DAILY NEWS

"Their songs conjure images of L.A. punks in bold shades blasting noise in dirty clubs."

"Are California through and through,  from their washed-out, surf-rock undertones to their utterly unperturbed lyrical tone" -CMJ

"LA duo pops out left coast sun psych with it's Head In The Clouds" -AUSTIN CHRONICLE 

"Rising LA duo go full throttle" MTV HIVE


Cobalt Cranes

Cobalt Cranes