~ Days in the sun featured on 9:30 Club's blog ~

   Got a generous write up from the legendary  9:30 club's tumblr.   

    " Cobalt Cranes is a California band making some psychedelic sounds that swirl like clouds around your head in a most satisfying way. Their recent full-length, Days In The Sun, out last week on Lolipop Records, is a fuzzed-out daydream of bliss, sounding like The Strokes moved out to L.A. Founding members Tim and Kate build their homegrown sound out of ‘60s garage rock and ‘90s grunge, filtering it all through washed out colors. They trade off vocal lines, never sounding cliché, but evoking purity of melody and true nonchalant sincerity. Though they’ve been making music for years now, Days In The Sun is their greatest accomplishment – a true gem, a complete album in every sense of the word, and without pretense or overdramatics. It’s simple, strong, and good. Listen to it. "

-Asher Meerovich

 check it out  HERE