Flowers on Your Grave reviewed by Lo-Pie

Local favorite music blog Lo-Pie wrote a great review of our new song Flowers on Your Grave. 

"...Surrounded though we are by 90s fashion and musical trends, the casual nihilism and insistence on grim realism that informed underground culture in the earlier half of that decade has been swapped for shiny mid-60s optimism and an almost fascistic naiveté; a pairing that has found a headquarters in Echo Park–itself a case study in ideological projection on the Desert of the Real—and especially within the popscene producing powerhouse that is Lolipop Records

   With that in mind, think of “Flowers on Your Grave,” Cobalt Cranes’ new single from their Lolipop release Days in the Sun, as a thunderstorm on the horizon..."

-Mariana Timony

Check out the full review HERE